Take a ball, pop some digital cameras in it and you've more or less got TosPom. It's a ball-camera gizmo that automatically snaps a picture of you the instant you catch it. Or, if you're like me, a picture of you looking on in dismay as your hand misses, and it hits the dirt. You can see your strange "in action" mugshots on its built-in screen. It sounds like a fun device, but for the life of me I'm not sure how it works. Does it have some kind of weighted insert? The video, complete with horrifyingly catchy electro soundtrack, doesn't add much info.

See what I mean? If it incorporates some neat face-recognition tech, that would be impressive. But if it's just got a basic accelerometer that simply detects an impact, then you're going to be looking at lots of pictures of walls, floors and sky. Those bracelets are a whacky idea too: wouldn't some sort of recessed button do the trick?


Still, there's something endearing about the idea, and I kinda get the idea that it might snap you looking less "posed" than for normal photos. Purposeless fun, in a toy. It's just a prototype, it seems. [TosPom and ]