Total HD Disc Format From Warner Bros. Combines Blu-ray, HD DVD Into One Disc

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Time Warner's Warner Bros. plans to announce a high definition disc at CES that combines both the Blu-ray and HD DVD formats. In other words, the disc—called Total HD—will come with both Blu-ray and HD DVD formated content on it. A little confusing? You bet. And given that companies like LG are starting to announce players that can play both rival high def formats, one might question the necessity of introducing yet another disc format, even if it's supposed to be a uniter and not a divider. Right now, the Total HD disc won't have standard def content on it, but Time Warner has filed patents indicating that it could do so at a later date.

Let's see, another high def format disc to confuse consumers with. Sounds like a good idea.


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Image via Crutchfield Advisor