Total Solar Eclipses, 2001-2025

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Want to know where you can get a glimpse of the ultra-rare total solar eclipse? This map shows exactly when and where every eclipse in the next fifteen years will be visible—and why you should move to Memphis.


The next North American solar eclipse will hit in August 2017, and be visible close to Memphis—so you've got seven and a half years to get down there. Other than that, the map also shows that all of Europe must have wronged the sun and/or moon in some way, because they are totally locked out of eclipse action for at least the next decade and a half. See, France? And here you thought there'd be no tradeoff for universal healthcare. The sun god Ra does not approve of your politics! [Flickr]

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Joshua L Lewis

Ok I'm an idiot. The band represents where the total eclipse can be viewed but the dots represent what? the total total eclipse?

I've only seen a partial when i was a kid so I'm not all that smart with space stuff.