Touch a piece of science fiction history — and help keep live SF readings alive!

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The Fantastic Fiction series at New York's KGB Bar has featured everyone from China Mieville to Joyce Carol Oates, and brought SF to countless hard-drinking literati. Now you can support it and own some amazing science fiction memorabilia!

Fantastic Fiction's organizers, Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel, are holding a raffle to raise money for the series, between now and Oct. 25. Tickets cost just $1. And the prizes are pretty stupendous. Here's a partial list:

# The Altered Fluid writers group will critique your short story
# Signed galley of Catherynne Valente's DEATHLESS & handmade necklace
# Signed copies of INSIDE STRAIGHT, BUSTED FLUSH, and SUICIDE KINGS by George R.R. Martin
# Your very own wormhole, with a certificate of authenticity by physicist Michio Kaku
# A used keyboard by Neil Gaiman signed to the winner
# A signed partial early draft of a manuscript by William Gibson
# Three unpublished stories by Michael Swanwick where you own the rights till 2015.
# Nancy Kress will critique your short story
# A carnivorous plant terrarium
# A Tuckerization by Richard Bowes
# Cat Rambo will critique your short story in the form of a poem
# One copy of each of the twelve titles published by ChiZine press in 2010
# Barry Goldblatt will critique your YA or middle-grade novel query
# Jeff & Ann VanderMeer are donating a signed copy of THE KOSHER GUIDE TO IMAGINARY ANIMALS along with a nice ceramic candy bowl, for use with your Candied Cthulhu bits! (recipe included)
# Two drawings by Tom Canty
# A session with Peter Straub's masseuse
# A session with Ellen Datlow's reflexologist
# A signed copy of THE WAY OF THE WIZARD, edited by John Joseph Adams


A full list of prizes is here, and you can also buy raffle tickets via that page. What are you waiting for? You could be eating Candied Cthulhu bits out of your new bowl and enjoying your poetic critique, while reading William Gibson's unpublished manuscript!

Top image: Brian Francis Slattery at the Fantastic Fiction series, via Michael Curry on Flickr.

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