Touchscreen BlackBerry Storm Caught on Video

The BlackBerry Storm / Thunder, which should be coming to Verizon sometime in November for $199, has finally been caught on video! At roughly 2:55, BREW Ninja whips out the touchscreen-y smartphone and shows off some of its apparently underwhelming (to him, at least) features-an accelerometer, a screen that functions as a button, and an ugly-as-sin on-screen keyboard. Watch the entire video for more info on the HTC Coke (which seems to be taking a couple of design cues from the Diamond) and LG's fashion clamshell for Sprint, the Lotus. [BREW Ninja via CrackBerry]


Thanks for the mirror link!

I don't know about this phone. It's brave of them to go this route but I think it will be a mistake in the long run. Depends on how hard you have to press, how consistently it responds to a press, and how long the screen will last with repeated use. I'm very skeptical.

I almost waited for this phone but ended up jumping the Verizon ship and going with an iPhone. One of the things I love about it is how lightly I can touch the screen and get it to respond. Getting very used to the touch keyboard now and the light touch means no Blackberry thumbs.