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Touchscreen iPod in December, Zune Slam-Dunked?

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

An "extremely well-informed exec" tells Trusted Reviews that the 6G iPod will be released in December, and it will be capable of 480p resolution. The source confirmed that it will be a touchscreen model with virtual click wheel control, but made no mention of whether wireless connectivity would be part of the package. Added the source, "This is why Jobs isn't afraid of the Zune."


We've seen the iPod touchscreen patent documentation, and we've entertained countless rumors and even reliable tips about the upcoming device; what we need to see now is a real picture of it. One thing's for sure, if this widescreen iPod is released in the next two months, the Microsoft Zune with its old-fashioned 4x3 screen and crippled WiFi will be slam-dunked.


Touchscreen iPod Comes This December [Trusted Reviews]

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I think the latest version of the Nano (the retro Mini) may be the first sign that Apple is slipping. What a let down for Apple to do retro.

Couple that with the fact that even my 64 year old mother-in-law has an iPod now so the iPod ain't gonna be "cool" for much longer.

I was disapointed by the Zune when MS finally showed it. I think Apple is safe until the next gen Zune comes out then they might have some competition.


Nintendo and Playstation.