Tourists Rescued from Swiss Mountains Thanks to Magic iPod

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Two French tourists were rescued today in the Swiss mountains after getting lost on a ski trip. They managed to contact authorities, but their phone died shortly thereafter. Thank God somebody brought an iPod.

The tourists, a skier and snowboarder, were lost in the mountains of Southeast Switzerland, with temperatures reaching -15 degrees Celsius. They attempted to phone for help, but their mobile phone ran out of juice just after making the connection. Luckily, the faint light of an iPod screen was enough to catch the eye of a helicopter rescue team, who recovered the two sports enthusiasts quickly enough to avoid any more serious consequences than very mild hypothermia.

Reuters reported this story, but didn't go into the kind of detail that techies like you and I really need. What kind of iPod was it? What generation? What brightness setting was the backlight set to? Is there a difference in helicopter visibility between, say, LCD and OLED? Without that kind of information, I don't know that I can ever go skiing in remote Swiss mountains again. [Reuters]

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Light is one of the best iPhone apps there is out there - I use it a lot at work and also as a last-ditch emergency signaling device.