Good lighting can make or break the ambience in a room. For something truly unique that finally makes illumination fun again, check out the Bulbing Light, a really cool Kickstarter-turned-Moma Design Store product that combines simple materials with magical effects.

The lamp consists of a wooden base that contains simple LED lamp, on top of which you set a laser-etched acrylic plate that guides the light through its contours, creating a glowing 3D effect. The lamps come in a variety of neat designs, but the simple light-bulb shape is our favorite. One cool detail? The Bulbing Light's acrylic plate never gets hot—so you can move it around or switch out the designs in a snap.

Bulbing Light began as a Kickstarter project from Studio Cheha, out of Israel. You can buy the lamp directly for $120, but after a successful campaign, the project was picked up by Moma Design Store and can be purchased there for the same price starting this Fall. [Bulbing Light]