Plug Beatmix Bumblebee into your MP3 player and he'll dance to his own mix of your music library, adding beats and sound clips from the movie, for as long as his four AA batteries last. Since he plugs into portables, you'll be able to take him everywhere. Transformers get-togethers. Work. Put an upside down hat next to him on street corners. As a Transformer, though, it looks like poor BM Bumblebee is forever locked in robot mode.

Don't blame us if he's a terrible DJ. Or if he dances off a table. It's your $60. But the marketing pitch is worth a chuckle:

Prime always told him there'd be days like this, but thankfully, this is a fun day because Bumblebee is dancing! Beatmix Bumblebee captures the personality of this big screen hero and allows you to morph your music into more than meets the ear with a beat builder and movie sound effects. Don't box him in—let him free and let him dance!


What kind of days, Prime? "Dancing Days?" Who knew the leader of the Autobots was a Led-head.

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