Transforming Dos Caras Jacket Becomes Shoulder Bag

Illustration for article titled Transforming Dos Caras Jacket Becomes Shoulder Bag

Transformers fever is all but dead now, but that doesn't mean that the ladies can't get in on the something-becoming-something-else action. The Dos Caras jacket functions fine as a jacket, but when removed, can twist and turn and reconvene into a shoulder bag. Definitely cool, but kind of unfortunate that you have to pick one or the other. What will you do if you're both cold and need to carry a bunch of things? [Alice Kaiserswerth via Designspotter via Treehugger]



According to the designer's site, the bag is fully functional even when being worn as a jacket. (This would indicate to me that it doesn't have a big pocket like most bags do...)

I think it's really neat. If they don't go retail by autumn, I just may have to figure out how to make one myself.