Travel Surge Protector Saves Your Gear From Sketchy Outlets

When you're traveling and completely reliant on your gadgets you don't care how sketchy a power outlet looks—if it's free, you'll use it. So for those times when you have to plug in and charge no matter how dangerous things look, Satechi's compact USB surge protector has got you covered.

It plugs into a grounded outlet letting you connect both a standard power plug and a USB cable, protecting multiple devices from electrical spikes and surges. A single glowing LED means it's ok to plug your gear in, and when it's off it means its protection circuitry has been compromised by a spike and it's no longer safe to use. Like a soldier throwing themselves on a grenade it sacrifices itself for the well-being of your gear—and replacing it when it's dead isn't so bad at $10 a pop. But couldn't they have tried a little harder to make those three prongs fold away so it was even more compact? Maybe that's asking too much for the price.



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