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Traveler Tales From the Post-Underwear Bomb World

After reading all of your emails and comments about flying under the new TSA regulations, we've updated the our post on the rumored electronics ban with your stories. Check out some of your fellow travelers' tales.


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This is something that happened to me before the new rules, but it raises some points that relate to the current situation.

I was flying a few months ago and knew to keep electronics with me because I had previously had something stolen with American Airlines and they refused to replace it because it was electronic.

This time, however, security would not allow me to travel with my hard drive and made me go back and check it in. It was promptly stolen (again by American Airlines).

They had lost all of my luggage for two days, then they brought it to me at almost midnight on a work day with items missing.

When I called them they made me fill out some forms and fax them in. Then they let me know that they would not reimburse me the $90 for what was stolen. Then they said it was my fault because I should not have checked in electronics (even though I had explained to them that I was forced to).

American Airlines didn't even care that items were stolen and were more concerned with trying to put the blame on me. Although they better start caring before one of these criminals decides to put something in instead.

So basically American Airlines threw away 15 years of customer loyalty because of $90.

What will happen now that everyone has to check their electronics in. The thieves will become rich and the airlines will cover nothing because they don't insure electronics.