Treo Pro Gets a Video, Still Runs Windows Mobile

Slashgear's just found a video of the upcoming Treo Pro, a device that physically looks like the Centro, but runs the touchscreen version of Windows Mobile. The video shows you pretty much what you need to know about how big the phone is in your hand (not too big) but if you want to see it compared to some other things, there were the photos before and also some new photos over at a Chinese site. With all these leaks, the Treo Pro pretty much DEMANDS to be released soon. [Treo Pro via Slashgear]


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@kaffeen: You sir are my best friend! I owned a Handspring, Tungsten and for over a year a Treo 680p and that silky keyboard is something I miss most now that I have an iPhone.

I can't express enough the sadness I feel for Palm fscking up Palm OS. They were the first awesome execution of the sync, the touchscreen and the keyboard... it just makes one think how could they possibly fsck that up...

Such shame...