Trevor Bayliss' Eco Player is One for Worthies

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Trevor Baylis, the Brit who invented the wind-up radio 16 years ago, has applied his not inconsiderable brain to doing the same thing for MP3s and videos and come up with a 2GB Eco Player that will give you 40 minutes of music on just one minute of winding. And that's not all it can do.


There's a full-color 1.8-inch LCD screen, as well as FM radio and voice recorder, an LED flashlight function and it can even charge your phone in an emergency. And if you don't fancy running around with a crank, there's also an internal battery that you can charge via USB and get 20 hours' worth of juice.

While it's not exactly beautiful (the design of its buttons reminds me of those kitschy bow-tie tee-shirts) and it's a bit large, I can see the worthies of this world displaying it as a badge of their planet-hugginess.

Costing around $350—a lot more money than they spent on a website that can only be described as shonky—the Eco Player should be available at the end of this month. [Ethical Superstore via Shiny Shinyand British Eco]



shonky, eh? Like putting a gigantic pic at the top of a post that falls off the edge of the page?

As for the player, I think it's a great idea. Good for power outages, hurricanes or camping. I'm actually kind of surprised we're not seeing more of this type of stuff. Eco friendly, practical, interesting.