Tuesday Game Room: Bloody Souls Edition

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Does the Playstation 4 get the exclusive it's been waiting for this week? It just might, in the form of Demons/Dark Souls spiritual successor Bloodborne, shambling its way out this week. Will you pick it up? Are you maybe still messing around with a recently released demo? Come tell us in Tuesday Game Room!


What have you been playing this week?

After spending basically a week desperately trying to avoid any information about it, I played the Final Fantasy XV demo. And I absolutely bloody loved it. We have to wait over a year for more? Oh god.

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The combat is extremely fun to mess around with, the mechanics of open world exploration and camping are exciting additions to the series, even with all the resolution and framerate issues that came with rushing the demo out couldn't really dent the jaw dropping visuals, and the summon. Good lord people, the summon. What an incredible slice of what's shaping up to be a great game to come.

In between that and playing more FFXIV (my cat man is now a Ninja, which is great), I also sat down and played the second episode of Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands. It's been a ridiculous four month wait for it, but it was so worth it. Not only does it have an opening credit sequence that might just be my favourite moment in games so far this year, but it's so funny and charming and engaging that goddammit, screw Borderlands 1 and 2, this is the best thing out of the franchise so far. I want more, and I want it soon, dammit.

I still haven't touched Type-0 yet. SO MUCH FINAL FANTASY WHERE DID IT ALL COME FROM.


New Releases!

Bloodborne is your big release of the week in what is otherwise a very low key release schedule. It's out exclusivey on PS4.


Meanwhile, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection brings weirdly enough only Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel to PS4 and Xbox One, not the original game. Speaking of weird, Child of Light gets a retail Vita release this week. Huh. Slender: The Arrival, err, arrives on PS4 and Xbox One, Metal Slug 3 comes to PS3, PS4, and Vita, and Life Is Strange Episode 2 is finally out, coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Finally, Telltale games announced yesterday that Game of Thrones Episode 3: The Sword In The Darkness is out this week on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.


And now, the News

Once again it's time for a few select picks from the last week of Gaming news, via Eurogamer:

  • Dragon Age Inquisition is getting single player DLC today - That is, if you're on PC or Xbox One. The first story DLC for the game, Jaws of Hakkon, is a timed exclusive to two of the 5 platforms the game released on late last year. Yay?
  • Change your passwords if you've got a Twitch account - Oh dear. While thankfully details like credit card information haven't been stolen, Twitch reported a security breach in their login servers yesterday, with many accounts having their password details stolen. If you've got a twitch account, be careful!
  • Batman Arkham Knight gets a two week delay - Another delay for the game, but at least this one was only a handful of weeks! Rocksteady made up for it by releasing some new gameplay footage of Batman beating up some crooks though, so it's alright. Well, unless said gameplay made you more excited for waiting a wee bit longer.
  • What the hell is going on with Kojima and Konami? - Well, this is is a mess. Rumours have been swirling recently that Metal Gear scion Hideo Kojima would be leaving Konami at the end of the year, after his name and that of Kojima productions were seemingly wiped off promotional material for Metal Gear Solid 5. Both Konami and Kojima have put out statements that dance around the subject, confirming that the MGS series would continue, and that Konami were hiring for major staff for future MGS projects, but not Kojima's status with the company. Could the Metal Gear era of one of the world's most beloved (And delightfully bonkers) gaming auteurs be over?

We'll be back this time next Tuesday for more gaming discussion, but for now, sound off in the comments with the games you've been playing, and what you're looking forward to this week - and don't forget to join the unofficial io9 community group on Steam!

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Ravenous Sophovore

I played a friend's copy of the XV demo, and I have to agree. I loved it. All except one very irritating detail:

My husband and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes simultaneously. I thought it was bad when all I saw was stills of her with her physics-defying cleavage hanging out, but the Daisy Dukes with visible underwear and the car calendar pinup girl poses (including the leaning over the car ass shot) are just fucking embarrassing. Really, Square?