Tumblr 2.0 for iPhone: Finally Usable

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I remember when I first downloaded the first official Tumblr app. It was clunky, slow, and didn't show what I wanted it to. I promptly gave up on it. Version 2.0, on the other hand, is actually something I'd use.

What's it do?

Somewhere in between a tweet and a soul revealing blog post, there's a tumblr. And there's mill-ee-ons of them. The iPhone app used to suck but now it's been graced with a brand new interface that makes it brainless to use (not that everyone who has a Tumblr is brainless!). I'm not kidding, I've created a new tumblr, posted three posts and found people to follow already. Tumblr on the iPhone is finally as natural to use as Twitter is or any well-designed app should be.


Why do we like it?

Everything about 2.0 is smoother, simpler, and all around better. That includes the app icon. Playing around with it, the dashboard is front-and-center in the way it should have been from the beginning. Writing an entry is easy—be it a photo post or just a reblog—and switching between multiple blogs is handled gracefully. See, before the app felt like it was hiding things from you. Now it feels much more natural. Even with a few loading issues, it's pleasant enough to want to go back to between rapid-fire tweets


Tumblr 2.0

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The Best

So much better

The Worst

A few loading issues