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Tunnel-Flying an RC Airplane, Chasing With a Car

Check out these guys who took a radio-controlled airplane with an 80-inch wingspan capable of a 120mph top speed and flew it through tunnels under Stockholm, Sweden, as they followed along just behind it in a car. A stunt like this is certainly not recommended for those of you who just got a radio-controlled airplane for Christmas, but if you're a good enough pilot, you just might be able to pull it off. Just make sure you attempt this feat when there's not too much traffic around. [YouTube]


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The helmet is undoubtedly so his face doesn't get picked up by the speed cameras. They got 'em all over in Europe. I bet the cops watching those cameras saw the plane zip by and said "WTF??!!"

Looked like that plane almost smacked a couple of freeway signs in the tunnel. Now that would have made for a more interesting video!!