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Packing light is the name of the game when you visit the great outdoors. Carrying a big pot to boil water is a challenge. But the awkwardly-named Jompy lets you leave that pot at home—it heats water directly from a jug.

It's hollow aluminum tubing, coiled into a disk, with two inlets leading from the coil. You simply fasten tubing to an inlet, connect one end of the coil to your water bottle or hydration bladder, and then position the aluminum tube coil over a roaring fire or hot stove. Water passes through the coil and exits a second tube, the end of which can spout hot water into a dehydrated food pouch, a dishwashing basin, or an outdoor shower.


The coiled design means there's far more surface area to absorb the fire's heat, allowing the largest version of the Jompy to boil a liter of water in as little as 45 seconds. It also transmits heat from the fire below, so you can place a pan on top and cook at the same time. It's a camp kitchen multi-tool, and the designers also see it as a way to reduce disease risk in areas without access to clean water.

The Jompy is available in three sizes, with the smallest version designed for backpackers. It sells for around $80, and the largest version—which can accomodate a small expedition—sells for about $95. [Jompy via Gizmag]

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