E-waste is an environmental nightmare. What if the overflow of outdated tech junk could be put to better use than landfill fodder?

San Jose-based manufacturer Fireclay teamed up with electronics recycler ECS Refining to transform the CRT glass found in old school TVs and computers into tile for the home. The ultra-thick screens have pretty much gone the way of the dodo thanks to plasma and LCD displays, but have traditionally only been able to be broken down and recycled into more CRTs—which no one really wants. Until now!

The finished product is a nice "Phosphor" grey, and it's kinda fun thinking that each piece contains the essence of The Ed Sullivan Show, I Love Lucy, King's Quest, and all the other bygone media goodies they once projected into our homes. Fireclay is Kickstarting to get the cash for the molds necessary to mass-produce the collection—check out their campaign here.