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Turns Out That Jet Surfboard Is Pretty Fast

Illustration for article titled Turns Out That Jet Surfboard Is Pretty Fast

Remember that crazy battery-powered jet surfboard? Turns out it's pretty quick, pushing 20 pounds of thrust good for up to 12mph for a run time of almost 40 minutes. That's 3 times faster than most humans can paddle. The drawback is that the kit weighs an extra 15 pounds. Good for stability, bad for maneuverability, but since average surfers aren't going to spring on the $4500 for this tech, it stands to reason that lifeguards on rescue boards, big wave tow-in guys who might otherwise use jetskis and other types might find something to like here.


[Wavejet via Scuttlefish]

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As a rescue board this looks like a pretty cool piece of kit. It pretty much give you 3 times the speed of a swimmer and in a package that one guy can handle, instead of having to run off and grab a truck to drop in a jetski. Definitely expensive, but so isn't a jetski and trailer combo.