Turquoise Jeep: Can He Move it Like This?

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In the first 30 seconds of watching the video for Can He Move it Like This I thought, "This is the worst thing I've ever seen." 20 seconds later I realized, "No, this is the best thing I've ever seen."

In case you haven't realized already, Turquoise Jeep is a satire group, and they're fucking geniuses. Their spin on no-budget hip-hop and R&B and the videos that go with them are absolutely hysterical. It's one of those "it's so stupid it's smart" kind of things. There's a whole crew of guys, each more ridiculous than the last, but they play it 100% straight. It's a lesson in comedy. At the same time, their lo-fi music is super catchy. I've been singing Slick Mahony's Go Grab My Belt for a month now, and it's driving my girlfriend crazy.

I'm sorry, that's not sexist, that's hilarious (and it's making fun of all the sexist crap music that's out there). That green screening... exquisite. Their biggest hit thus far has been Lemme Smang It (smash it AND bang), but there are so many winners here. Fried or Fertilized (as in, "How you like your eggs...?"), Cavities (with all this chocolate in your mouth), and SHUYAMOUF. While I hate trying to pick favorites, between Yung Humma's strange emphasis, and Pretty Raheem's vanity, I've got so much love for Flynt Flossy and his weird fake facial hair. And oh yeah, he really, really can DANCE.

Seriously, you can spend a good portion of your night (or workday) just going through these and gut-laughing. You can (and should) check out their YouTube channel, and you can even download their album Keep The Jeep Ridin' on iTunes or Amazon MP3. Simply put, these are some of the funniest guys on the internet. I'm only heartbroken that I missed them in NY when they were on their tour. Come back soon, Turquoise Jeep!


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