Turtle and Pure Pink Phones May Be Just Next-Gen Sidekicks

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Cnet's Ina Fried says the Microsoft Pink phones leaked yesterday are "more the evolution of the Sidekick" using Windows Mobile as the core OS, and in addition to Microsoft's main phone push. What's interesting is the reason Microsoft bought Danger.


It's because Danger was all about cloud services for their phones, and Ina hears that they'll be a big part of what Microsoft's doing with phones overall. If Windows Mobile 7 is the core, as Mary Jo Foley has reported, the phones won't launch until WM7 does, at the very earliest. Either way, it's clearly somebody's busy over in Microsoftland. [Cnet]



So, let me get this straight. We have Windows Mobile Standard for non-touchscreen devices, Windows Mobile Professional for touchscreen devices, and now a completely new device with a Windows Mobile core? Oh, and don't forget the Zune which is totally on its own.

All of these platforms have different capabilities, different resolutions, different UIs, different methods of input, manufactured by a bunch of different companies who then incorporate different hardware, different technologies and different architectures?

Then you wonder why both developers and end users go nuts dealing with compatibility issues and reorienting themselves when moving between the different platforms and architectures?

I'm all for variety, but if a lot of it is coming from one company, supposedly one company who rolls in billions of dollars, you really need to think whether or not they've got their act together.

As both a developer and a user, I would think it be logical to prefer having basically one device, one architecture, and one manufacturer developing one platform done right to ensure stability, compatibility, and efficiency.

At least one company is doing that right.

And, no, you don't need to be a fanboy on either side to figure this out.