TV Easel is Not Just For Artsy Types

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I may be a little biased because I enjoy painting, but this TV easel concept from designer Axel Bjurström is a hell of a lot nicer than one of the kits you can pick up from your local Target. The best part is that the design mimics the traditional painter's easel in both form and function—it is adjustable in both height and angle. It can also accommodate TV sizes from 32 to 47 inches. If you don't want to wall mount, this would be a great alternative. Too bad it is only a concept at this point. [Axel Bjurström via Dezeen]



Looks great but unfortunately, most of us watch TV while sitting. An easel is designed to be functional while standing. Generally an easel has stability issues if it goes anywhere close to vertical.

That said, Do Want.

And an upturned angle would be awesome while rocking the Wii.