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There's a new weapon in the war for television supremacy, and with a range of 400 feet, the Ninja Remote promises to confuse, befuddle, and enrage TV junkies from a safe distance that won't get you immediately beat up.


The remote is programmed to automatically work with nearly all TVs on the market, blasting an array of codes every time you press the power, volume, and channel buttons. And while the extended range is handy for pranksters who'd like to remain anonymous, the high-powered IR emitters can also jam and prevent other remotes from working, giving you all the power.

In addition to standard TV functions, the $30 Ninja Remote also has a bomb function that will cause a TV to randomly change channels and volume levels for 5 to 15 minutes, driving viewers particularly mad. But it means you can hide it somewhere and leave the room while it wreaks havoc, giving you an alibi that it couldn't possibly be your doing.


But saving the best for last, the remote is also now programmed to trigger the shutter on 99 percent of the digital cameras on the market. Letting you snap random pointless shots on other people's cameras. So before these things become popular again, I recommend breaking out the black electrical tape and covering your camera's IR sensor. [ThinkGeek]

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