Twenty Years After He Hit the Scene, Biggie Still Hypnotizes

Ready to Die, the debut album from The Notorious B.I.G., debuted 20 years ago today. Biggie contemplated death for his entire musical life, and not three years after his first album hit, he was gone. But his influence sticks with us in a way few others, living or dead, can emulate.

A lot has changed since Ready to Die hit the shelves. Biggie's hometown in Brooklyn isn't the same; the cars and toys he bragged about lavishing himself with are now dusty relics; the young up-and-coming artists he surrounded himself with are part of the old school now.


But I'm betting that if you've spent time lately at any bar, club, or party where there was a DJ, your ears have been treated to a cut from The Notorious B.I.G. Twenty years on, he's still hypnotizing us. [iTunes - Amazon - Spotify]

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