Twitter Has Instagram-Like Photo Filters Now

Twitter just announced that it's adding Instagram-like photo filters in its iOS and Android apps. This has been a long time coming but interestingly comes hot off the heels of Instagram recently pulling support of its pictures being shown inside Twitter.


Yep, when you get the updated Twitter app, you'll be able to take pictures and make 'em look hipster cool with new snazzy filters. What kind of filters are we talking about? Twitter says there are eight filters ranging from black and white to vintage to "gritty". Twitter's photo filters don't come with Willow-esque names like Instagram, instead they opt for photo-friendly names like, "warm" and "cool". You kind of know what the filter will look like by its name.

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The filters were made by Aviary from the ground up and can all be previewed at once (think of a preview grid like those weird effects in a Mac's Photo Booth). Twitter is also offering basic editing tools like cropping and zooming so you can get the picture just right. [Twitter]


Twitter is the last app I'm going to launch if I want to slap a filter on a photo.