Twitter More Better, Look at Pictures of Women and More

Drink whisky, look at women around the world and tweet about it. I'm sure there's more to life but I can't think of something I'd rather do than that right now. You too, right?

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Tweetbot: The app is the most aggressively designed Twitter app on the planet. It squeezes every last feature it can out of the service while continuing to present a clean interface that's easy to use. I can customize the app how I like and quickly, tweet, retweet, and reply to tweets. Or, just use it as is and still enjoy the same rewarding experience. Considering how much I tweet (it's a lot), Tweetbot's rich feature set and UI has made it my go-to Twitter client. $3


Fotopedia Women of the World: Women are beautiful. The world is beautiful. So seeing women around the world is even more beautiful. Fotopedia, the amazing photography appbook maker, has released another photo app that shows pictures of women from all over the world. Photographer Olivier Martel put together images of women from 75 different countries and reveals the women of cultures you might not be familiar with. You'll learn a lot and you'll see a lot of pretty faces too. Free


Proof: A drinking game! With your iPad! Sounds like a story that's about to end horribly. Not so! The point is to class up the ol' drinking games of yore by educating participants about the qualities of scotch. TELL ME WHAT YOU TASTE. Is that oak? Is that pine nuts? Is that beard? Is that ginger? Sip, sip, sip. Free

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