Two Lenses Will Fix Compact Cameras' Depth of Field, Proposes Samsung

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Rather than be used for 3D photos and video, Samsung's proposing that this dual-lens camera patent could actually help compact cameras capture a shallower depth of field, where focused objects stand out more, and backgrounds are blurred.


It'd work like two cameras, with one lens taking a shot at a lower resolution, and the second lens taking a shot at a higher resolution. When conjoined instantly by the camera's processor, the single image should make the object focused on pop out more, with the background blurred, in the typical "open" aperture style.

While it's only a patent application, it will be fascinating to see if Samsung goes ahead with their idea—and if they can resist the temptation of throwing in some 3D capabilities and a lofty price-tag, too. [Patent via Photography Bay via Wired]

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I would rather see camera companies use larger sensors in compact cameras. This would fix the DOF problem, and the image quality would improve as well. The only downside is the lenses would have to get larger.