Ubuntu Users Will be Touching, Tapping, and Sliding With Impending Update

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Multitouch is landing in Ubuntu's upcoming 10.10 release, with a particular eye on Unity, the netbook-optimized flavor of the popular Linux distribution. The new features are expected to eventually support a variety of touch devices, including Apple's Magic Trackpad.

Canonical, Ubuntu's corporate parent, has already developed a software framework called uTouch, aimed at simplifying the implementation of gestures. But initial touch functionality in 10.10 will be minimal at best, so much work remains to be done in the course of making the Linux landscape touch-friendly—a task Ubuntu and Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth hopes 3rd party programmers will take care of. "It would be awesome to have touch-aware versions of all the major apps-browser, email, file management, chat, photo management and media playback-for 11.04," Shuttleworth conceded. "But that depends on you!" [Ars Technica]

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Maybe one day they'll convince important developers to bring over useful programs like the creative suite or games, or any real DVR program. Or hell, maybe I can live the dream and finally be able to install something without having to go through compiling source or using fucking apt-get. These seem like far more important priorities than enabling multitouch when most linux servers are text based anyway