UFO Hunters Find UFO, NASA Tells UFO Hunters to Stop Saying Words

Deja vu! Like on December 2011, UFO hunters claim they have found proof of a spaceship entering the solar system in NASA's own video footage. This time, the spaceship has a triangular shape, so it must be an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The alleged starship looks huge, the size of a planet according to these UFO hunters:

NASA is trying to hide the situation now but you can still see the first 2 days of the object's entrance at the lasco site. Click link below then input behindH12 for the telescope and the 26th through the 1st for the dates.

Comparing it for size to the planetary objects that are seen in this telescope, if my calculations are correct, that thing is enormous


Except it's not. It's not enormous. It's not a spaceship. Like the last time, this is an technical glitch. NASA had to publish a note explaining what happened. The answer is very simple: it's an optical effect.

The answer lies on the exact opposite side of the image. At the same time as this strange-looking feature starts being visible, the very bright planet Venus enters [STEREO'S] field-of-view from the lower left. This is not a coincidence. The strange-looking geometrical 'object' is actually an internal reflection of the planet Venus within the telescope optics. This effect has been seen many times before.

Case closed. Do you guys really think that NASA—the guys who have spent quite a bit of time actually trying to find life and habitable planets outside Earth—would not announce an Imperial Star Destroyer the size of a planet entering the solar system? One that actually appears in public footage?

Come on, UFO hunters. You can do a lot better than this. Until then, please stop saying words. [NASA via Mother Nature]


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Pretty sure that's the Vogons. And me without my towel on today of all days.