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Uglier Fonts Could Mean Better Information Recollection

Illustration for article titled Uglier Fonts Could Mean Better Information Recollection

Most textbooks and e-readers tend to follow the same idea when it comes to their fonts: Easier to read means easier to absorb and recall later. Looks like they were wrong.


A new study from Princeton University says those simple fonts might cause to you retain less. A font that's easy to read lets your brain relax, so the information doesn't stick as well. Harder to read fonts cause your brain to work that little bit harder. The extra effort tells your brain the information might be worth remembering. [Daily Mail via Engadget]

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That's why everything should be written with Comic Sans.

There is a study that proves that Comic Sans is both easy to ready and helps you retain the information. And it's the more elegant font of all.

Ok people, everything in Comic Sans from now on, ok? Thanks.