Uh Oh

Gif: Fox News

Uh oh.

Why must Fox News host Sean Hannity panic and hide his vape from the world when the cameras come on, as he did last night? Why can’t Hannity just puff away as the cameras roll like Edward R. Murrow and Rod Serling, heroic TV men who were always seen with a cigarette in hand?

Is there a way to blame this on the dreaded “canceled culture” we’re hearing so much about these days? Surely this is yet another case of liberal puritanical nonsense run amok somehow, right? Hannity, noted tough guy, wouldn’t let some wimpy lefties tell him what he can and can’t vape on his own show.


Poor Sean, hiding his vape from the cameras like a 13-year-old scrambling to shove a Playboy under his mattress. And on the day after St. Paddy’s Day, of all days, otherwise known as Irish-American Boxing Day. (Please do not fact check this, it feels true enough.)



I am looking forward to seeing after the internet has some fun with editing and changes the vape to show him ashamedly yanking other things from his lips.