With its new Mojo UFO tent, Sierra Designs is hoping that campers who like to travel light are willing to spend a small fortune to shave a few pounds off their pack. Because the space-age looking shelter weighs less than two pounds, but comes with an $1,800 price tag—that's a whopping $900 per pound.

What makes the tent so expensive is the use of an ultralight material called cuben fiber which is typically used in sails and inflatable structures. It makes the Mojo UFO resistant to the elements, but also look like something astronauts would sleep in on the moon. The tent also uses a set of carbon fiber poles that allow the two-person structure to be set up in mere minutes, but they definitely contribute to the tent's hefty price tag which could instead be used to pay for a bed in a luxury five-star hotel. [Sierra Designs via Gizmag via Gear Junkie]