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The Personal Soundtrack Shirt started as an April Fools' joke by ThinkGeek, but now it's available as a real, buyable product.


Featuring a Velcro-detachable speaker that's powered by four AA batteries, the Soundtrack Shirt includes a 20-button remote to cycle through preloaded or personal music and sound effects that are sure to put the "assy" in "classy." (And we mean that in the best way.)


But in case you aren't interested in using the remote, the shirt also accepts a standard 3.5mm input, allowing you to play your MP3 player of choice through the speaker all day long and share your adroit musical tastes with everyone from that creepy dude on the subway to that annoying "boss" at your "work."

As for washing, the shirt complete with internal wiring is apparently fine to hand wash or throw in the gentle cycle as long as you remove the other components. That means your $40 Personal Soundtrack Shirt is a somewhat practical purchase, which is something we never expected to say when we rolled out of bed this morning. [ThinkGeek]

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