Ultrazoid Keyboard

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I have something of a penchant for acting out scenes from '80s movies in real life. Whether it is using my favourite chat up line, "come with me if you want to live" at bars, instinctively contorting my body into a wobbly "crane" position when faced with impending violence, or coaxing drunken fat friends into doing the "truffle shuffle" — my life is a veritable what's-what of how to act like you are still a teenage boy in love with Belinda Carlisle or any member of The Bangles.

So imagine my elation upon stumbling across Suzuki Instruments' "Foot Note" — a giant musical keyboard that you play with your feet, a little like the contraption Tom Hanks uses in the pivotal scene of "Big" where he plays chopsticks with his boss and ends up getting a massive promotion in exactly the kind of way that would never happen in real life.

Foot Note (or "Bigfoot" in the US) comes in 3 sets for 3 different octaves and you can connect the sets together to form Ultrazoid Board (a name which I have made up) — a four meter long 3 octave jumbo keyboard, which I have decided that every house party from now on ever must have.


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