Umbrella Stand Uses Runoff to Water Plants

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Here's a simple concept: An umbrella stand that directs wet umbrella run off to a plant-filled tray. I one day hope to live in a modern house with modern furniture surrounded by geometrically symmetric patches of indoor lawn, so I enjoy the idea of this immensely. [what else via]


If this was supposed to be the only source of water for the grass, it would obviously fail, but I don't think even the designer would tell you that is the case.

I am sure the genesis of the idea came about when the person notice there was always a puddle under the umbrella in the hallway, and wondered if there was something useful to do with the water.

As to the problem of sunlight, there are many good, aesthetically pleasing light fixtures for grow lights available that a person could put near this. If the designer though one step ahead, he or she would integrate it.

Its an interesting idea that would obviously be a conversation piece. I like it.