Unconfirmed: Next-gen iPhone Includes Support for 802.11n Networks

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AppleInsider is reporting that the wireless radio specs in the iPhone 3.0 firmware beta reveal support for a new chip and 802.11n. Current gen iPhones and the iPod touch support 802.11b/g networks. [Update]


So you know what that means. Yes, yet another morsel of rumor and speculation to add to the "new iPhone something or other is due out from Apple this summer" roundup.

But here's some more meat anyway: In addition to support for speedier 802.11n networks, the 3.0 firmware also includes hints that a "new device" would enjoy more efficient power management. A special "integrated PMU (power management unit)" and a shared Bluetooth/wifi receive signal path would "[eliminate] the need for an external power splitter while maintaining excellent sensitivity for both Bluetooth and WLAN."


Sounds fascinating. But what will it look like, and what other new features will it have?

Update: Corrected iPhone 3G network support to 802.11g. [AppleInsider]

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lol early adopters once again get screwed by crapple; i'll wait for the 4G, thanks.