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Unconfirmed: Nokia N93i Transformers Edition

Illustration for article titled Unconfirmed: Nokia N93i Transformers Edition

This is still unconfirmed, but intomobile is claiming that the Nokia N93 will get a Transformers edition coming some time in Q3 '07. It'll be essentially the same as the regular N93, but include a Transformers game, some background images, and Transformers-ish ringtones. For those of you who actually saw the movie, there's a scene (video after the jump) with a N93 doing some transformations of its own. No confirmation on this rumor yet, but it sounds fairly reasonable to us.


[IntoMobile via WirelessInfo]

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a ringtone that sounds like the transformation sound? badass. I'd buy one. so long as it doesn't come to life and kill me.