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You probably remember drooling over the Optimus OLED Keyboard when we first informed you about its user-programmable keys. Unfortunately that was just a prototype, and probably won't be a reality any time soon. Beating them to the punch, however, is this United Keys 205Pro LCD Display Keyboard. The keys are LCD instead of OLED, are 20 pixel by 20 pixel monochrome, and only on the function keys, not the whole keyboard. Users can also create custom icons for shortcuts using an included icon editor program. We're not too sure on the real functionality of this, since the wonderful thing about the Optimus version was that you could map out your entire keyboard depending on what task you're doing, not just a select few keys. But hey, you could probably find some uses for this too — we would definitely appreciate dedicated copy and paste buttons, for example. The price is a hefty $299.99 though, and you'll have to wait until Q1 of 2006 to lay fingers on it.


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