On Sept. 9, Universal will release an amazing 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of The Big Lebowski that's packed inside of a mini-bowling ball. A goddamn bowling ball. And it'll have all-new bonus features, which I hope/suspect is filled with John Goodman screaming various permutations of "fuck" a lot. For only $24. Why so cheap? Because it's only on DVD. WTF, Universal? Where the hell is the Blu-ray edition? How can you ask us to buy it a fifth time—after VHS, two earlier DVDs and the beautiful-looking HD DVD—without a version on Blu-ray? Do we really have to hang onto our Xbox HD DVD module just so we can enjoy the Coen Brothers' masterpiece, with classic sequences like The Dude's post-roofie hallucination, dripping with oddball 70s sleaze, in high-def? Who are you, George Lucas? This will not stand. [Amazon via CrunchGear]