Upgraded Facebook Login Helps Keep Spam out of Your News Feed

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Facebook just announced a new and improved login experience that aims to make it faster and easier to sign in to your favorite apps. It doesn't look much different, but under the hood, there are a couple key changes.


First of all, Facebook Login is faster—31 percent faster to be exact. The real upgrade has to do with permissions, though. In the past, it wasn't entirely clear how to keep an app from posting stuff to your News Feed. Now, though, there's a second screen that asks if you want to give the app permission or skip it. This should come in handy for just about everything, since 81 percent of iOS apps and 62 percent of Android apps use Facebook Login. Now if they'd just do something about all the rest of the junk in our News Feeds… [Facebook]



I feel like they've been testing this for a while now, because I've had this option for at least a few months. I hardly use FB to sign into apps, but this is infinitely better and makes me want to use it more. The biggest pain before was going in and disabling posting after signing in with an app, because I hate being that guy, and we all have a that guy in our news feed.