US Government Shutting Down Half Its Websites

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The White House is requiring the federal government to cut their 24,000 websites down by half in the next year. This will reduce taxpayer expense, as well as give them easier access to official portals.


The order was made because many of the websites the government currently operates were deemed redundant, out-dated, or hard to use. The Office of Management and Budget has issued a 90-day freeze on new .gov registrations to get the ball rolling. And the Energy Department has already begun to consolidate its sites, saving taxpayers $10 million a year.

In the next 120 days, each governmental agency will have the chance to check out to see which sites need saving and which will get the ax. They could call it spring cleaning. [GovInfo Security via TheNextWeb, Image via Shutterstock]



Another diversionary drop in the bucket. Cut access to useful information and services and save a miniscule fraction, but keep on spendin' to send explosions to the third world. Ugh.