US To Get Rid Of Color-Coded Terror Alerts

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Looks like the Department of Homeland Security is getting rid of the comical color-coded terrorism alert system. You know, that five color system (green, blue, yellow, orange, red) that vaguely told us how imminent a terrorist attack was.

The problem with the color-coded system was that it didn't really work! Since its introduction in 2002, we've typically lived in yellow and orange. In fact, the threat level has never even been blue or green (the safe levels). We don't know what the new system is, but the AP reports that Homeland Security will scrap the colors and use more descriptive language to let people know what they should or shouldn't do.

Good change, I say. The color coded system was terribly vague in an area where vagueness is well, terrible. [AP via NY Times]

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"An option under consideration is to go from five threat tiers to two: elevated and imminent. Under that model, when the threat level changes to imminent, government officials would be expected to be as specific as possible in describing the threat without jeopardizing national security. And an imminent threat would not last longer than a week, meaning the public wouldn't see a consistently high and ambiguous threat level."

hrrrm 2 tiers Elevated and Imminent ....... so we ALWAYS be in either a elevated or imminent terror threat????

niiiiiiiice no scare tactics in use here, nothing to see move along.