Use a Cheap Prism to Create Amazing Light-Bending Photo Effects

Digital photography is sometimes lambasted for being too clean and too perfect—lacking the character and unpredictability of film. Sure, you can fake it by using filters a la Instagram, but you can also open some creative doors with one wonderfully 'analog' tool: a prism.

Photographer Sam Hurd describes on his blog how to use this simple object you learned about in elementary school to produce some stunning results. Hurd shows off his the technique when photographing couples (full disclosure: he was my wedding photographer this past September), but the same idea is begging to be put to work in other scenarios.


Images: Sam Hurd Photography

It's great to see new photographic techniques being developed without Photoshop, and maybe bring a bit of flare to our drab digital world. Where to get a prism? Try Amazon!


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