Use Google's Open Spot Android App To Find Parking Spots

Illustration for article titled Use Googles Open Spot Android App To Find Parking Spots

Google's new Open Spot Android app turns finding open parking spots into a social game. You earn "karma points" for marking down available parking spots while others earn open parking spots by tracking down those marked spots.

Each time you mark down an available parking spot in Open Spot, you gain a karma point. The more karma points you get, the better you feel about yourself, or something like that. The marked spot shows up in the Open Spot app for 20 minutes and is shown in a time-sensitive color: red for freshly marked, orange for spots marked 5 minutes ago and yellow for spots marked 10 minutes ago.

Parking spot applications have been done before, but not with the big G attached. But even with Google, Open Space's success hinges on getting enough users in the game. If it doesn't, we're just dealing with another Buzz. Android 2.0+. [Open Spot]

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steven [gawker help]

Hmmmm, I wonder why they chose to do a Red to Yellow color shift. Subconsciously, people associate red to "bad" or "old." I would have assumed they did a Green to Red system for the age of the parking spots.