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Use This Magnetic Project Mat and Never Get Screwed By Losing Screws

Illustration for article titled Use This Magnetic Project Mat and Never Get Screwed By Losing Screws

The most annoying part of any DIY project is trying to keep a handle on all the little screws. If you've found yourself fishing under the couch for errant parts one too many times, this Magnetic Project Mat might be just what you need.


Adorned with a grid, this mat lets you organize your screws, set them down, and be sure they'll stay where they belong, even in cases of table-bumping or mild earthquakes. On top of that, the surface is dry-erase friendly, so if you feel the need to subdivide sections, or add labels to keep track of which screws are which, you can go right ahead.

While it's magnetized enough to hold your screws, it's not strong enough to really mess up any of your electronics, at least not anything sufficiently modern. The mat's just slightly smaller than your average sheet of paper at 8" x 10" and is available for $15 over at ThinkGeek. If you're sick of losing nuts and getting screwed (or losing screws and going nuts) it might be worth your while. [ThinkGeek]

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Dont buy it. I put my old-style television on the mat face down for an hour and it screwed the picture up. Would not recommend that.