Ushers Use Night-Vision Goggles To Bust Movie Pirates

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Perhaps it's because of the desire to keep flashlights out of the eyes of innocent moviegoers, perhaps it's because of the Guillermo Del Toro-ian fear the look inspires, or perhaps it's because they just like sweet gadgets, Malaysian ushers are beginning to use night-vision goggles to spot pirates.


The goggles, a present from the Motion Picture Association of America, have already proved their usefulness in 17 cases in the past two months, a time when studios were releasing Spider Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: When Will This Series End?. Another ploy by the MPAA was to import a pair of DVD-sniffing dogs. Responsible for turning up more than half a million bootleg movies, the dogs are now rumored to have a price on their heads, courtesy of said Malaysian pirates.

According to blueprints from the Acme Company, the MPAA will next attempt to mount a large red rocket and light its fuse while aiming it at the place where the Malaysian movie pirates are eating strategically placed birdseed.


Malaysia cinemas use night goggles to nab pirates [Reuters]

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I think I might sport some night vision to my next theatrical outing - perhaps that new Shrek or Pirate flick. Hopefully it would improve the quality of the movie, or at least make it no more impossible to watch than without the goggles.