Using home movies, man time-travels 35 years into the past in 6.5 minutes

For a terrifically long-term video project, Sam Klemke filmed himself every year for 35 years. He then ran these clips in reverse order to simulate himself traveling backwards in time. Watch him de-age three decades in less than 10 minutes.


[Via Boing Boing]



interesting how his enthusiasm for the project appeared to seriously wane over the years

to the point where its obvious he filmed much, much more material than this, entire yearly retrospectives, but now has chosen to edit it all down to nothing more than check ins and release it into the wild as a 6 minute gimmick, while the more recent excerpts are little more than "2008, sup"

the important thing to take away from it is dont start long term personal projects because you will get bored and lose interest, even if it does take 35 years