Using the Red One and 5d Mark II to Create Living Magazines

Magazines are going down the crapper as a medium, but the crew at Alexx Henry photography envisions a world where OLED and eInk screens put motion into mags and makes them cutting-edge.

Is this what the future of publishing looks like? Well, I'd be pretty surprised if these techs became anywhere close to disposable anytime soon. Instead, we'll be seeing things like the Apple Tablet and Microsoft Courier coming along to load up stuff like this. But despite the packaging differences, the finished product loaded on these next-gen displays could be pretty similar to this. And it looks pretty badass. [Living Art Media]



I don't think that this is going to be some random page in an existing magazine as the video suggests. Rather we will simply have e-paper with content catered to it.

By the time this exists, the concept of magazine and online media won't really be different or matter. Magazines simply won't exist in print form for the most part, and will entirely migrate to digital formats that can be displayed in a variety of ways.

This won't be something that drastically changes the content publications put out. As always, there will be good content and bad content. It's just a new medium.