USMC's Big-Bada-Boom

The Marines have begun using a weapon that is easily capable of turning buildings—and humans—into bits of rubble. This is called the SHAW-NE (shoulder mounted assault weapon novel explosion) and it uses a thermobaric mixture that produces a shockwave in the air easily crushing walls and sending entire buildings collapsing to the ground. Supposedly this weapon is capable of going through brick walls but reports are coming in that this projectile is being fired through windows or preexisting holes.

"Marines could employ blast weapons prior to entering houses that had become pillboxes, not homes. The economic cost of house replacement is not comparable to American lives...all battalions adopted blast techniques appropriate to entering a bunker, assuming you did not know if the bunker was manned."


Mmmm. War-like.

Marines quiet about brutal new weapon [DefenseTech]

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